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Call Detail Record (CDR) Reporting

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We build custom Service Quality (SQ) and Teletraffic report based on CDR.

Network Services

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Data communication landscape is changing and organisations understand that the need to access everything instantly is becoming a commodity rather than a costly indulgence. With todays progressive network designs, the basics are changing. In order for future networks to cope with demand it is essential that networks are designed to be high quality, high performance networks that ensure data and applications are delivered to a diverse range of devices from a wide variety of locations.

The following services are not new or special in isolation, but our creative moulding of them into an overall solution to match your organisation is, in many cases, unique:

  • Network engineering and planning
  • Technology adoption mapping
  • Strategic networking roadmap
  • Provisioning
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Troubleshooting and Support
  • Performance Reports
  • Management Reports

There are many approaches to designing and improving upon existing networks and many of these approaches can co-exist, but our difference is that we enjoy the challenge of thinking up bold and creative ways to use the latest technologies. These bold new solutions do not ignore potential risks, nor do they need to be excessively expensive. They are well balanced and designed to meet commercial and operational efficiency objectives.

Traffic Analysis Using Netflow

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NetFlow Analyzer is a, web based (no hardware probes), bandwidth monitoring, network forensics and network traffic analysis tool that has been optimizing thousands of networks across varied industries for peak performance and helping them to put their bandwidth for a better use. NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector, analyzer and reporting engine integrated together. The add-ons, namely Advanced Security Analytics Module and VoIP monitoring, helps you to gain a holistic view of the network including VoIP metrics and seurity analytics along with bandwidth monitoring.

Custom EMS/NMS

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WebNMS Framework is the industry-leading network management model for building custom OEM software that makes it possible to deliver superior network management solutions in a cost-effective, low-risk, and high-productivity model. Over 250 development teams have evaluated and selected WebNMS Framework as the basis for their network management and OEM software solutions (EMS / NMS).

WebNMS Framework helps you showcase your network device capabilities using powerful management applications (OEM software). This enables service providers to more easily realize the capabilities and value of your devices. You can customize, rebrand, and package WebNMS Framework as a comprehensive Element Management System (EMS) application. WebNMS Framework supports numerous Operating Systems, Application Servers,  and databases.

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